Treating waste water

In recent years, ADS has invested greatly in the sustainability of the processes. Because our techniques are all about hydropower, we are focused on the sustainable use of this important natural source.

A cycle of water

The water we use for hydrodemolition is filtered and purified immediately after it is taken from the surface water, so that it can be processed by our pumps and robots without issue. The waste water that is polluted with debris and other dirt is collected so that we can filter and purify it again before reusing it or returning it to nature.

No permit required

Thanks to our careful treatment of the water, we usually do not need a permit. That saves a lot of time and costs in the preliminary process. Plus, you are sure that your work is performed in a sustainable, responsible way. We collect all relevant data, such as the pH value, solids content and water consumption, in a database that we make available to the client or an inspection authority on request.

Advantages of waste water treatment

  • Uses water from nearby environment
  • Recycling is possible, so significantly reduces water intake
  • Water is cleaned on location
  • No impact on the environment
  • Demonstrably sustainable and efficient

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