Removing refractory concrete

Refractory concrete is not reinforced in the traditional way, because material that expands with heat can cause the concrete to crack. What is applied are V-anchors or Hex Mesh. Removing refractory concrete requires a specific method, in which hydrodemolition can play an important role while retaining V-anchors, membrane walls and Hex Mesh. The density and hardness make these materials difficult to demolish with traditional demolition methods, often resulting in damage to the underlying steel structures. Hydrodemolition is extremely effective and can be performed in limited spaces using robotics, so that the safety of the employees is assured.

Hydrodemolition of refractory concrete

We can use hydropower to remove damaged parts of refractory concrete with great precision, without adverse effects for the rest of the structure. What remains is a clean and load-bearing substrate, suitable for applying new refractory concrete. We like working together for this with our partner VTG Beton, specialist in concrete repairs and refractory applications, for many sectors and industries.

Advantages of refractory concrete hydrodemolition

  • Very safe due to automated proces
  • Precision work
  • Saves existing steel profiles and anchors
  • No (micro) cracks in the surrounding material
  • Saves time, costs and raw materials
  • No disruption of production processes
  • Resume operations faster

Hans van ‘t Geloof

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