Rebar-saving demolition

Every year, 13 million m³ of concrete is processed in the Netherlands. Occasionally, something goes wrong. We regularly see defects, even in brand-new structures. Cracks, gravel nests, leaks, flaking. In addition, many older structures are in need of renovation. Hydrodemolition can provide a good contribution to that.

The power of water

Do you want to demolish concrete structures for renovation or repairs? With hydrodemolition, we can accurately remove contaminated concrete down to the centimetre. Hydrodemolition does not cause shocks or vibrations, which cause micro-tears in the surrounding structure when using traditional techniques. The water jet sprays away the damaged concrete between the rebar, but leaves the rest intact. You are left with a clean and load-bearing substrate, so that you can easily repair the concrete. We work together closely with our partner VTG Beton, who specialise in such repair and renovation work.

Limiting nuisance

An important additional advantage of hydrodemolition is that it barely causes a nuisance. Contrary to pneumatic hammers, the pumps and water jet do not produce contact noise. They also do not release any quartz dust. This means your existing production processes or traffic flows do not experience much of a hindrance from hydrodemolition. This results in (major) savings for you.

Advantages of rebar-saving demolition

  • Precision work to the desired demolition depth
  • Saves the existing rebar and/or anchoring
  • No (micro) cracks in the surrounding material
  • Less noise nuisance
  • No quartz dust released
  • Better substrate for repairs
  • Less impact on traffic and production processes

Hans van ‘t Geloof

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