High pressure cutting technique ‒ hydro-cutting

The latest water cutting machine (hydro-cutters) cut through steel plates and even through columns made of concrete and steel. If you want to cut something that cannot be moved, such as a pylon of a building, bridge or overpass, then we can carry out the cutting work on the spot for you with our mobile water cutting machines.

ATEX-certified cutting

An important advantage of water cutting machines is that there are no sparks when cutting concrete, stone or steel. This means you can also safely use the hydro-cutter in an ATEX environment, such as oil platforms. Our certificate is your guarantee.

Applications of high pressure water cutting technology

Mobile water cutting machines are used for industrial platforms, oil storage tanks, tank and ship walls and piping. Cutting through concrete or steel columns is no problem for our machines either.

Advantages of mobile water cutting machines

  • Mobile
  • Clean and very accurate
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No heat generation or sparks
  • Working safely, ATEX-certified

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