Grout Removal

When applying grout (cement) in, for instance, wind turbines, ‘segregation’ may
occur. As a consequence, the desired quality is not being reached. Replacing the
entire grout layer often is the only option to achieve a satisfactory end result.

The solution

Hydro demolition is excellently suitable for removing grout, with great precision, under
various circumstances, without damaging the steel construction.
Using special (custom-made) demolition heads we can solve virtually any problem.
By use of this technique we are, for instance, able to efficiently and safely remove grout
parts in transition pieces of offshore wind turbines. In cooperation with the client we always
seek the best solution, causing as little nuisance for and disturbance of the surrounding

Advantages of hydro demolition grout removal

  • Very efficient and accurate
  • 100% safe
  • Saves existing profiles and anchors
  • Partly automated process keeps employees out of the danger area
  • Implementation at great depth is possible

Hans van ‘t Geloof

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