Cleaning or pre-treating concrete

When cleaning a concrete or steel surface to prepare for treatment with paint, coating, epoxy or polyurethane, people often choose sandblasting. This involves the risk of damaging the underlying structure and makes dust nuisance almost unavoidable. The high pressure water technique is a great alternative.

Hydrodemolition as a cleaning method

In addition to demolition of concrete structures with ultra-high pressure, hydrodemolition is also suitable for surface treatment. Our high quality high-pressure units, with special rotating fittings, can be used to remove old finishes or contaminations ‒ such as with rust or fine dust ‒ without affecting the bearing structure or the environment. We also apply this technique for roughening the substrate to prepare for a new finish. Think of paint removal from steel or roughening concrete.

Advantages of high-pressure cleaning technology

  • Clean more thoroughly and accurately
  • Less noise nuisance compared to sandblasting
  • No dust nuisance
  • Water and old paint layers are immediately extracted
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Quick and easy result
  • Includes sustainable processing of waste water

Hans van ‘t Geloof

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