Aqua Frames

Aqua frames are used at locations, which are difficult to reach or not at all to be reached with the Aqua Cutter. The control is done by use of a Power Control Unit (PCU) which has a similar  functionality as the Aqua Cutter.

The whole is very flexible in use and in terms of shape and size extremely variable. Even round or oval shapes are ‘custom made’ available.  With the use of a crane or platform the frame can be positioned in one part and fixed to the surface using  anchors.

The Aqua Frame has a number of important advantages :

  •  Flexible use for large wall surfaces, constructions that are only to be reached through manholes and parts that are not or very difficult to be reached by our employees
  •  Minimal space which is needed to assemble the frame is only 46 cm
  •  Available in many shapes and sizes
  •  Execution of the work is guaranteed in a safe and quick manner

Use of aqua frames »

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  • Aquaframe2