40 metres below sea level REMOVAL OF GROUT AT A DEPTH OF 40 METRES

  • Duration Five months
  • Segment International contractors, Offshore
  • Solution Grout Removal

How do you remove grouting at 40 metres below sea level and several kilometres from the coast? A major challenge for Boskalis. The large depth and pressure difference under water means there are no standard solutions for a job like this.


In order to create sufficient water pressure at this depth, this assignment required a custom solution. On a special ship from Boskalis, we transported two linked hydrodemolition units to the construction site. Together, they could provide a water pressure of 1600 bar and a volume of 330 litres per minute. Then, using various diving crews in continuous shifts, we removed the grout with a pressure strength of 170 N/mm². This assignment is a great example of the added value of our consultation and the input of our client when trying to overcome technical hydrodemolition challenges

Arjan de Waard

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