Designing The Future

Working efficiently and under time pressure in difficult circumstances, with minimal nuisance and manageable risks for people and the environment. These criteria, which are important to ADS, continuously require new applications and regularly present us with challenges. That is why we are so proud of our SIR-certified professionals, who think of creative solutions at the request of and together with our clients every day, thereby shaping the future of high-pressure hydropower technology in general and hydrodemolition in particular.

We believe that robotisation will play a more and more important role in physically heavy demolition work in order to preserve the health of the employees. And the environment also benefits from these sustainable methods. Therefore, ADS is fully committed to the most advanced technology and, as one of the market leaders and pioneers in this field in Europe, works together closely with the producers of the equipment and installations in order to further develop these technologies.

Advice Making the impossible possible together

By making optimal use of our expertise in hydrodemolition from the start of your project, you can save yourself, your potential clients or the end users lots of time, energy and money. If you involve us as early as in the preparation of your project, we take the time to get to know all stakeholders and identify any technical obstacles. We are also happy to advise you on the approach and budget free of obligation, and sometimes we can even come up with new creative solutions for seemingly impossible tasks.

Equipment Hydropower and hypermodern robots

Hydrodemolition technology is based on strong pumps and special nozzles that remove concrete with a computer-controlled water jet that is accurate down to a few centimetres. Without damaging the rebar or steel substrate. The machines are operated by one or two specialised operators.

Aqua Frames: flexible in size and shape, also in hard-to-reach places

We deploy Aqua Frames in locations that are not or difficult to reach with an Aqua Cutter. Aqua Frames are custom-made with flexible dimensions for each assignment. This allows us to carry out demolition work with great precision in spaces and cavities where people are not able to work with spray lances.

Machines and installations under own management:

  • High pressure units 500-3000 bar
  • Hydrodemolition robots/Aqua Cutter
  •  Custom Aqua Frames
  • Trucks and other necessities

Total Safety Concepts

ADS strives for a 100% safe workplace with every assignment, in accordance with strict SHEQ standards. This means the safety at your construction project is guaranteed.

Sustainable technology, safe for people and the environment

Hydrodemolition puts a minimal physical load on the operators. They are at a distance from the work with a computer-controlled unit, so that they can work safely and ergonomically. Compared to the conventional demolition methods, there is less noise nuisance and no carcinogenic quartz dust with hydrodemolition. We are VCA-P-certified and continuously strive for an optimally organised workplace. In short: our sustainable techniques guarantee a 100% safe and healthy work environment, and are environmentally friendly to boot.

Quality Innovative technology, creative people

Hydrodemolition technology continues to develop. Our expertise and practical experience form a solid basis for an inspiring ‘co-makership’ with the producers of our machines. They are happy to use our practical experience as input for new solutions. While our creative professionals in practice are always willing to take things one step further when coming up with innovative solutions for new challenges. Insofar as this is possible within the standards of a safe execution, of course.

International Scalable worldwide

As the specialist and market leader in hydrodemolition projects, we carry out orders all over the world. As a partner of large international (construction) companies or as main contractor, to quickly take care of an immediate problem.

Are you responsible for renovating industrial installations or long-term demolition and rebuilding projects in road construction and infrastructure? Are you confronted with a calamity during a (concrete) construction project? You can always count on us for a fast and professional intervention. No job is too complex for our professionals, supported by our extensive, largely robotised machine park.

Onze oplossingen

Hydrodemolition maakt het mogelijk om tot op de centimeter nauwkeurig aangetast (vuurvast)beton en grout te verwijderen met behoud van wapening en constructie. Daarnaast biedt deze hoge druk watertechniek de oplossing om afwerklagen en vervuilde oppervlakken grondig te verwijderen of te reinigen. De kracht van water wordt ook gebruikt voor het doorsnijden van betonnen kolommen, staal of leidingwerk. ADS maakt dit op locatie mogelijk. Voor onze slimme en duurzame oplossingen maken we gebruik van robotica en de kracht van water. Het benodigde water wordt uit een nabije bron gehaald, gebruikt, opgezogen, gefilterd en teruggeleverd.

Onze oplossingen

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