About ADS

ADS is active for Industry, Government and Contractor Companies. At any location, within the EU and outside, both in partnership or independent. Our strength is a vast knowledge of our business, our equipment and capabilities and a strong passion for the business.

Renovations or emergencies? In this situation, every day counts. Thus we will react to the situation immediately; with motivated professionals and own equipment.

Our people

As our client you will have direct contact with our employees who will be familiar with the ins and outs of your project. They are hard working and enthusiastic professionals with a pure hands-on mentality. Accustomed to specific techniques, difficult conditions and time-pressures, safety must and does always come first.

Commitment and motivation are features of their approach, expertise and responsibility are their qualities. They are accustomed to diverse challenges and strive for continuous improvement. Each time, better than before.

Thanks to our professionals and our direct approach, we can start acting swiftly. The time-frame we have to operate in will be the minimum achievable. Our employees are SIR certified high pressure sprayers and drivers.

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